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Shipping Information

Frequently Asked Questions taken from shippers

  1. shipping info faqWhere and when do I need to deliver the shipment?
    This formality protects the public from rate increases after cargo is tendered. This process of bringing the container to you or giving you the OK to deliver LCL cargo to our docks or sending a truck to receive your goods on a door to door move is executed after the filing has been completed.  A formal BOOKING CONFIRMATION will be sent to you via e-mail containing the BOOKING NUMBER and confirmation for the delivery of your container or confirmation on the LAST RECEIVING DATE for a LCL booking.  You must place the number on every piece if you are shipping LCL and on any shipping documents you submit such as  Packing List - Invoice
  2. How do I proceed after I get a quote? There is a link under the total of every quote that links to the shippers letter of instruction.  Please submit it online as it simplifies documentation and prevents errors on the phone.  A copy of the form will be sent to you as soon as its submitted.  If you require changes after the booking request has been submitted you can reply to the email with the corrections. 
    For security reasons and to serve you more efficiently, you must get a booking number first otherwise the cargo will not be accepted at the dock.  As a result of the passage of the Homeland Security Act, US Customs officials are enforcing the requirement that information and other shipping documents be received prior to cargo acceptance or loading on the vessel. 
  3. Can you take the shipment from my house? what is the cost? Yes and pricing is shown on the FCL service and is calculated by the mileage from the port.  We can pickup LCL cargo on normal trucks or Lift Gate Trucks for residential pickups
  4. Can I also send fragile? Yes but you are responsible if you choose to pack it yourself and insurance may not cover.. We can employ local crating services to crate or pack your goods.
  5. Do I need to pack everything? YES if shipping via LCL and No if shipping via FCL … but all furniture for export usually MUST BE PACKED.  
  6. How do I get the container to come to our home of business?  To spot the container at your door or dock, please submit online or fax the shipping forms to +62361-284440 and operations will send you a booking confirmation for exports from BALI Indonesia and for imports to the Indonesia  The booking confirmation will have vessel name, voyage number, loading port, ETD and ETA along with other pertinent information.  You should reserve your container at least a week ahead of time.
  7. What if I have less than a container and do not need a full 20ft.?  If your cargo is less than 15 Cubic Meters we recommend you use the LCL and it will also quote your shipment instantly. You can see our rate for LCL on this site

Shipping Household Goods And Personal Effects:

If you are shipping household goods and personal effects we recommend you contact the consulate office of your country and see if you can obtain a letter of relocation or you can find out what are the current regulations concerning your move. Consulate Offices in the Indonesia. You can arrange for the packing and loading of a 20 or 40 foot container by hiring manpower and using packing you need help loading a container we can provide to help you load and pack. 

Wood Regulations:

Please be advised that as of November 1, 2002 ALL sea freight shipments, whether they are FCL or LCL to Australia, New Zealand, Europe or any other port in the world must be accompanied by a Packing Declaration. In addition, if there is any timber or wood packing, such as crates, pallets, skids, ext. the shipment may be subject to fumigation at consignees expense. Failure to provide the correct documentation will result in additional cost to verify whether timber/wood packing has been used. The packing list must be received before the shipment departs. All non-manufactured wood packing material (NMWP) - solid wood packing material (SWPM) must bear the stamp that indicates that the packaging has been treated with EU-approved wood treatments. The mark must indicate the mane and location of an approved contractor who has performed the heat, pressure , or fumigation treatment in accordance with EU regulations. Please note that this is not a paper-based certification system and that the actual packing material must be labeled correctly in order to clear customs.

Customers tendering their freight to any terminal are solely responsible for ensuring that their NMWP products are treated and marked appropriately.

NMWP/SWPM include, but are not limited to: coniferous pallets, crating, packing blocks, drums, cases, load boards, pallets collars, skids, etc.

Please note that the EU will refuse entry, destroy, or treat wood as necessary. Non-compliance will lead to delays in releasing freight and may also incur an administrative charge.

We have prepared for this change within our terminals and would like to assist you in doing the same. If you have any questions on this procedure please contact our offices.

Thank You! ... We hope to make your shipping an enjoyable experience.

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